Campaign: Countering misinformation on social media

Geekulcha (November 2017)

Main question

How do we address misinformation amongst students on social media?

Insights/ sub-questions

  • Help people identify source of information

  • Short time to address misinformation campaign

  • Who are the influencers?

  • How do we counter bots at technical level

  • Need to simplify debunking

  • What questions do we ask to fact check?

  • How do we insert into dark social?


Phase 1

Phase 2


Train the trainer (on provenance/ fact checking)

Fact-check practice infographics | Curated/ collated fact-check content


Insert into dark social via SRC/LRC/ influencers

Establish social media platform to insert

Map history and anticipate future misinformation

Map topics – incl. political priorities

Identify influencers (+ bot activity) | Hotspots


Build and train student topic response teams

Open data related to priority topics/ people


Mine social media, flag and notify incl. build tools + processes | Debunk infographics and simple tools

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