Agriculture data resources

National Agriculture Data Sources

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) website hosts a number of tools and data services, such as

Agricultural GIS (AGIS) provides public access to spatial and non-spatial agricultural information and related datasets and interfaces for browsing specific data sources including:

AGIS Comprehensive Atlas is a map-based view of a number of spatial data layers which can be enabled or disabled depending on area of interest. The data available for download in SHP file format and a sub-set of the data that can be viewed through the Atlas.

Major layers include:

  • Agriculture infrastructure (e.g. abattoirs, power stations, feedlots, fresh produce markets)

  • Fires

  • Administrative boundaries

  • Climate Changes

  • Crops and vegetation.

  • Landuse (e.g. grazing capacity, irrigated land, cultivated crop types)

  • Soil (e.g. erosion, natural fertility)

  • Terrain and geology

An array of maps are available on Map Gallery including Grazing Capacity Eastern Cape and Metadata in JPEG and PDF format.

International Agriculture Data Sources

OECD Library has a publication on the Agricultural Monitoring and Evaluation data available.

OpenAfrica has South African agricultural statistics on field crops, horticulture, livestock, important indicators and the contribution of agriculture in EXCEL format.

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