Financial and governance data resources

National & provincial budgets, procurement, spending

The National Treasury e-Tender portal contains information on advertised, awarded, closed and cancelled tenders. You can also view the Tender Bulletin PDF documents. This means that it does not show smaller procurement such as RFQs by municipalities. Provinces also run their own portals such as Gauteng awarded tenders.

In specific sectors there are dedicated sites, for example for health xxxx and you can see the master procurement catalogue.

Vulekamali packages a large amount of data from National Treasury. This includes data related to:

Municipal budgets, procurement, spending

Municipal Money provides deep insights into the finances of municipalities on how they source revenue and what they spend it on. This includes data on local infrastructure projects.

Municipalities publish their smaller 'RFQ' procurement requests on their own portals. See this working spreadsheet for a list of many municipal website RFQ and tender pages. Some examples:

Performance and audits

The Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) manages the Programme of Action portal which contains information on targets and agreements by ministers, and tracks performance. For example, see Impact Indicators. DPME also hosts an evaluations repository.

The Auditor-General South Africa (AGSA) provides detailed results for audits conducted on on all government departments, public entities, municipalities and public institutions.

There are three report sections and associated datasets on the AGSA reporting page.

  1. PFMA section contains audit reports on the financial and performance management of national and provincial departments and public entities.

  2. MFMA section, contains similar for municipal entities, including district and metropolitan municipalities.

  3. Special Audit Reports section contains information on ad-hoc investigations.

Legislation and laws

OpenBylaws provides digital version of By-laws from a few municipalities around South Africa.

Legal material from South African court cases via the Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII) and from Laws.Africa.

University of Pretoria publishes consolidated legislation including all amendments for South Africa (as PDFs)

All government gazettes are digitised and freely accessible at Open Gazettes

Meeting records

Municipality council meetings: See a working list on the availability of municipal records here. Tweet us if you have a correction or more to add. This includes council (and sub-council) meeting agendas, minutes and resolutions e.g. eThekwini and City of Cape Town.

Parliamentary proceedings: Detailed meeting minutes, summaries and presentations from national (and some provincial) parliamentary activity at Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG) and People's Assembly (PA).

Administrative boundaries

Administrative boundaries are critical for elections and other service delivery activities. See data sources for Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) provincial, municipality and ward boundaries as well as Stats SA 'main place' and 'subplace' information - similar to suburb - on this page.


Wazimap includes election information that draws on IEC data. In addition to providing various data downloads on candidates and results via its standard interface, the IEC also provides an API for accessing election-related data.

Community-based monitoring

Black Sash and its partners run a Community-Based Monitoring programme collecting data on service delivery by local government and SASSA

Asivikelani is a project by the International Budget Partnership to get feedback from residents of informal settlements on service delivery during COVID


For media-related tools have a look at this list of projects from Media Monitoring Africa.